Welcome to Teachers Recruiter

We are a unique job platform that provides services specific to the Indian education industry that allows education institutions like yours to directly connect with Teaching & Non-Teaching Education Professional talent and to carry out every aspect of the recruiting process via a single portal.

The service, which is available via a dedicated website allows Job Seekers to highlight their Job Title, Job Role, Teaching Subject, Skills, Experience, Salary, Location, and type of job that match with a suitable education institution. The service is now free for them to use, and allows them to line up their next job ahead of time without having to scour and post on multiple recruitment platforms.

For Education Institutions the service works as a subscription-based platform, matching and providing access to in-demand educational professionals who are across the country. The platform is already active all over India and is used by thousands of Educational Professionals. We work with renowned national-level clients. Through our continuous focus on product innovation and customer success, we have become one of the most trusted national standard platforms for our clients nationwide.

Teachers Recruiter enables institutions to find professional-quality talent nationally, saving huge costs and bringing efficiency to the hiring process by applying the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to the process. The Teachers Recruiter platform is an excellent place to be if you are looking for immediate results in your recruitment journey.

Education Institutions/Employer will have access to the exact category, teaching subject, skills, experience, salary, and real-time availability from the best professionals located across the nation. The platform allows both sides to talk directly to each other live chat, set up a video interview, and many more.