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Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers Recruiter is a platform for Indian educational institutions to search and contact job seekers based on specific criteria. The service includes various features such as job posting, candidate database access, pre-screening interview questions, video meetings, saving candidate profiles, managing applicants, and full onboarding. All these features are available on a single platform that can be customized as per the user’s requirements.

To sign up as an employer on Teachers Recruiter, visit and fill out the registration form. After completing all required fields, select a subscription plan and begin hiring. You can post jobs, access the candidate database, and find top educational talent. For more information, contact us.

Teachers Recruiter is a job search platform designed for schools to find the best educational talent without paying any commission.

There are thousands of education professionals (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary/TGT, PGT Teachers, Academic Coordinator, Vice-Principal, Principal, and Administrators) from across India seeking employment in the education sector.

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Simply Go to the Log In / Sign In Page, Click on Forgot Password, and Follow the Further Steps.

Recruit school staff in India effortlessly with the Teachers Recruiter. Simply create a free school profile, subscribe to a hiring plan, and quickly access the educator database, post job openings, and recruit the best staff.